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Servo Drive Wescan HL71 HL71B Lockformer replacement with CHAMPDCB2

CHAMPDCB2 PWM servo drive replaces old analog Wescan HL71 and HL71B amplifiers.

CHAMPDCB2 two axes servo drive includes:

  • One Preamp module (blue module CHAXN002V)
  • One Power Supply module (green module CHAXN004V)
  • Two Output modules (red modules CHAXN001V)
  • One Motor Power Transformer – 750VA
  • One low voltage Power Transformer – 75VA
  • Two 15000MF/100v capacitors
  • New box with labor
  • One module bracket plate
  • Cable form (inside box cable form)


Cable form provides connections between modules, transformers, capacitors, fuses and connectors - that is between:
  • one 37 pin plastic connector (CNC, aux. power and main power);
  • two 4 pin plastic motor connectors;
  • two fuses for power transformers;
  • one ground connector;
  • Servo drive provides drive enable for both axes simultaneously by default. If the customer wants to enable different axes at different times, then we need to make a customized servo drive. Estop drive input is added.
    The New CHAMPDCB2 PMW servo drive (modular) replaces old analog HL71B Lockformer HVAC ESAB, MG, Koike and Advance Cutting Systems machine servo drive. Upgrade of HL71B is available (installation of all electronics above in customer’s old box).

    Purchasing terms

    • Part # for this item is CHAMPDCB2
    • Purchases are paid C.O.D.
    • If we receive your old equipment and we determined it can be repaired and/or updated, we will notify you of that option. Repairs often cost half the price of new equipment and come with our same 12 month warranty
    • If you want to purchase this product with different terms, please call your local or main distributor.
    • For International buyers please contact us for details and instructions
    • To purchase this product please contact us with your company information and a Purchase Order. If you are not sure what type and model equipment you need, please contact us for more information and assistance


    You may be able to purchase this product with a 10% discount - please call us for details.
    Price Discounted (-10%) Price
    Price for a new unit $4,950.00 $4,455.00
    Price for an upgrade of old controller $4,450.00 $4,005.00