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Complete replacement for Hybrid D6 / CXNC / 128K / ESAB Compupath (Creonics), MICROPATH MPP 256K (Allen Bradley) with PICOPATH-PLUS-C3

PICOPATH PLUS version C3 with 2 x 37 pin plastic connectors

This product has been developed and it is being manufactured by Linatrol ( and CHICHOinc


PICOPATH PLUS version: C3 - CNC Controller is a Plug & Play controller used on the following types of machines and their business applications:

Vulcan Plasma Cutter, Vulcan Plasma Cutters, Flame Cutters, Plasma Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machines, Vulcan Plasma Machine, Vulcan Plasma Machines, Vulcan Plasma Cutting System, Vulcan Plasma Cutting Systems, Plasma Table, Plasma Vulcan Cutting Table, HVAC Plasma Table, Lockformer Plasma Table, Advanced Cutting Systems machines, ESAB Compupath, Koike Aronson machines.

PICOPATH PLUS version C3 CNC Controller is a Plug & Play controller used on the following machines model:

Lockformer Vulcan 1200, some Koike Aronson, some Advanced Cutting Systems models, some old models of ESAB burning tables with Compupath CNC controls, MG Cutting Machines and more with MICROPATH CREONICS ALLAN BRADLEY CNC Strategy.


Some of the latest versions of Vulcan 1200 are using plasma ready MICROPATH CNC controls and are replaceable with PICOPATH PLUS version: CAB2M with part number CHPPP CAB2M, CHMPP128M, or CHMPP256M.
New machine builders please contact us, so we can offer the correct version of PICOPATH PLUS CNC control with minimal cost and maximum functionality for your machine.
This is a case where PICOPATH PLUS v C3 will replace MICROPATH CNC with 2 x 37 pin plastic connectors (same size) - one male (I/O) and one female (DRV/ENC). If your control has two male connectors (same size), and the connector labeled DRV/ENC is a 24 pin connector, this is a different MICROPATH CNC Control. If this is the case go to PICOPATH PLUS v: C16K2, CHMPP128P2 or CHMPP256P2.
The MICROPATH CNC control with 2 x 37 pin plastic connectors is not very common. It is used specially for sign cutting, water jet cutting and hot-wire foam cutting machines. Sometimes this control is used for OXY FUEL cutting machines. Some customers order this CNC control instead of a CNC control with two metal connectors but do not realize it is not the same controller. It is very important to differentiate between 2 x 37 pin, metal connectors and 2 x 37 pin, plastic connectors, as the metal connectors have plastic in the middle, but are metal on the outside.
MICROPATH CNC control with 2 x 37 pin, plastic connectors is not optically isolated and it is not a plasma ready control. Our PICOPATH PLUS v.C3 is optically isolated and it is a plasma-ready CNC control.


  • Plug and play
  • Complete replacement for all Creonics Micropath CNC controls with 2 x 37 pin plastic connectors: Creonics Micropath 16K, Hybrid D6, Compupath 500, Compupath 550.
  • A core charge of $2,000.00 and will be added to the listed price and refunded upon receipt of you old controller.
  • We need to receive the complete old controller working or not, for core charge.
  • 12 month warranty and 24/7 telephone technical support for your product is included, free of charge (warranty does not include any freight)
  • Items not in stock normally ship in 2-3 business days

Purchasing terms

  • Part # for this item is CHPPP C3
  • Purchases are paid C.O.D.
  • If we receive your old equipment and we determined it can be repaired and/or updated, we will notify you of that option. Repairs often cost half the price of new equipment and come with our same 12 month warranty
  • If you want to purchase this product with different terms, please call your local or main distributor.
  • For International buyers please contact us for details and instructions
  • To purchase this product please contact us with your company information and a Purchase Order. If you are not sure what type and model equipment you need, please contact us for more information and assistance


You may be able to purchase this product with a 10% discount - please call us for details.
Price Discounted (-10%) Price
Price for a new unit $7,250.00 $6,525.00
Price for an upgrade of old controller contact us contact us